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Blue Calcite (5.5mm), Labradorite (5-6mm), Sapphire (faceted round, 3-4m) & Rainbow Moonstone (faceted rondelle, 4mm)

Elastic bracelet, your measurements required.
Kindly note that no two crystals are the same.

/metaphysical properties/ 

Blue Calcite is widely known to be an emotionally calming stone, it purportedly helps with relaxation and thoughtfulness before making decisions.

Labradorite is known as a stone of intention clarification and intuition sharpener; boosts curiosity; many uses it as an anchor during meditation

Sapphires are widely known as the stone of wisdom and hope in ancient times, potentially helps with focus, discipline and confidence, possibly acts as an aura protector

Moonstone supposedly is a stone of protection, fertility, and passion; allows one’s natural attuning to the cyclical flows of the moon; provides solace and comfort during emotional turbulence