The henmeide® Letter

C U R R E N T L Y  O U T  O F  S T O C K

At henmeide, we sincerely provide you with an experience beyond receiving a gift in a box.
Inspired by the intimacy of a handwritten note, the henmeide Envelope & Letter are specially illustrated by yours truly.
Each envelope has a concealed illustration, a card with a gold-embossed emblem, and a satin bag.
You will receive this packaging for every order unless stated otherwise.

The idea is simple: your name is essential. Your name, and by extension, you, should be honoured.


henmeide letter Lavender edition
< T O P > In early 2021, henmeide revealed a second edition of illustrations, using whimsical and vibrant lavender florals with a blue envelope.
< B O T T O M > The first edition's illustrations, released in mid 2020, featured a vintage pink rose with a dusty green backdrop and a warm brown envelope. henmeide envelope and letter with vintage rose illustrations