W H A T  W E  D O >
henmeide® is a Singaporean jewelry brand that honours every individual's style with
high-quality natural crystals and metals. Redefining the conventional crystal jewelry, henmeide® designs
timeless, luxurious, and wearable pieces.

E T Y M O L O G Y >
Founded in February 2019, henmeide® was born from Annabel's brain out of sheer curiosity
and joy at Valentine's Day dinner with a friend. It was initially coined 
which means (in Singlish) "very beautiful, can?". A few days later, as if struck by the lightning of creativity
and divine intervention, the word transited to 
henmeide, a more accurate representation of what the brand entails.

The word henmeide carries three puns across two languages. The Chinese phrase 很美的 is an ascription of beauty.
This is a pun on Annabel's Chinese name, 
, which reads as /mei/, but it means magnesium.
Lastly, when read phonetically in its entirety, 
henmeide is handmade.

 T R A D E M A R K S >
The henmeide® logo is a scribble signature resembling the word itself and the silhouette of a string.
As of July 2020, the term "henmeide" and its accompanying logo are registered trademarks.