Sizing Guide

H O W  T O  D E T E R M I N E  Y O U R  S I Z E  >

Step 1. Wrist Measurement
Using a measuring tape or a piece of string, wrap it around the portion
of your wrist where you usually wear a bracelet.

Step 2. Bracelet Measurement
 Add one of the following fit measurement to your Wrist Measurement. 

E L A S T I C >
> Negligible Movement  0.8cm
 Comfort > Slight Movement  1.2cm
Loose > Significant Movement  1.5 to 2cm

M A G N E T  C L A S P >
Snug > Negligible Movement  — 1cm
 Comfort > Slight Movement  — 1.2cm
Loose > Significant Movement  — 1.5 to 2cm

henmeide highly recommends a slight size up for the Magnet Clasp Bracelet
so that the clasp will not bite your skin when you wear it.
Of course, if you prefer a very snug fit, please exercise discretion when wearing it. ]

M E A S U R E M E N T  E X A M P L E  >
I prefer a snug fit with zero movements on my wrist.
E.g., My Wrist Measurement is 15.2cm.
My Elastic Bracelet Measurement will be 15.2cm + 0.8cm = 16cm.

T H I N G S  T O  N O T E  >
  • Fit measurements are subjective. 
  • The above is simply a range for you to add. Depending on the size of the crystal bead and
    the number of metal components used, please allow ± 0.3-0.5cm variation for each crystal bead bracelet.
  • Double check your Bracelet Measurement by setting your measuring tape/string to the Bracelet Measurement.
    Then, wrap it around your wrist to see if you like the fit.