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Kyanites (5-7mm), Blue Topaz faceted rounds (4mm) and faceted Black Spinel rondelles and rounds (3-4mm) with 14K gold-filled chain and magnetic clasp.

Magnetic Clasp Bracelet with safety chain, Your Measurements Required

Please note that no two crystal beads are the same. Beads used are completely untreated, 100% natural

/metaphysical properties/ 

Kyanite is widely known as a master of chakra alignment; does not retain negative energy; one of the crystals that do not need cleansing + do not require you to direct your thoughts as it works.

Black Spinel supposedly acts as a potent psychic vacuum cleaner of negativity and deeply rooted unresolved issues; aids in the manifestation of latent abilities; emotional balancer; helps relieve stress and frustration

Blue Topaz potentially helps with confidence and shyness; known for communication and creativity; helps with clarity for decision making