School Uniform

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Kyanite (Grade AAA / 6mm) + Blue Lace Agate (Grade A / 6mm)
with dark green Tourmaline pixiu (about 6-7mm)

/metaphysical properties/
Kyanite is the master of chakra alignment; does not retain negative energy; one of the crystals that do not need cleansing + do not require you to direct your thoughts as it works.

Blue Lace Agate helps with communication of emotions; soothes emotional turbulences; boosts security; encourages vulnerability while maintaining boundaries; promotes discernment of thoughts and words


Henmeide pixiu bracelet designs are 100% original and conceptualised since Oct 2019. Each pixiu emblem is picked carefully and then drilled for jewelry use. As each design is exclusively one piece only and made to order, kindly refrain from asking for restocks/remakes/preorders for any of Henmeide’s pixiu bracelet designs. Thank you!