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Mixed Natural Tourmaline (faceted, 8mm), Strawberry Quartz (8mm), Peridot (rondelle, 8mm) and Brown-Silver Moonstone (6mm)

Please note that no two crystals are the same.

/metaphysical properties/ 

Mixed Tourmaline potentially builds self-esteem to promote confidence, radiance, tolerance and bravery; auric cleanser and charger; regarded as one of the crystals with shamanic properties that helps with auric shielding and protecting; attracts creativity

Peridot is known to remove mental and emotional blockages; apparently great for use during Reiki as it’s an energetic amplifier; a stone of luck and protection against naysayers

Strawberry Quartz is known to be calming and soothing, enhances intuition and dispels negativity; amplifies love, attraction and positivity; supposedly helps to shed light on what you need to work on for improvement

Moonstone is a stone of protection, fertility, and passion; allows one’s natural attuning to the cyclical flows of the moon; provides solace and comfort during emotional turbulence