Pink Water

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~•{ 💗 P I N K W A T E R 💗 }•~
Peach Moonstone (Grade A) with Kyanite (Grade AAA, 6mm) with gold-plated pewter tribal bar emblem
Ok this one 老板娘 took two days to conceptualise ok. Deep inside my heart and bones I know the colour pairing would work but I don’t know why I had to think super hard how on the placement but YAS. IT IS HERE. I don’t know why I’m calling it Pink Water but I guess it’s because I really wanna drink Pink Dolphin rn
/metaphysical properties/ 🐚
Peach Moonstone is known to calm the nerves and emotional rollercoasters (for example if you suddenly cry like siao when watching CLOY you can hold this and meditate haha jk but you get what I mean).
Kyanite is the master of chakra alignment; does not retain negative energy; one of the crystals that do not need cleansing + do not require you to direct your thoughts as it works.