Monumental Bliss

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Bracelet Type: Magnet Clasp


Burgundy-red Tourmaline Pixiu (10mm)
Mauve Apricot Spinel (5mm facet round, 4mm facet rondelle)
Ruby (6mm round)
Burgundy-red Tourmaline (5mm facet round)
Hessonite (3mm facet round, 5mm teardrop)
Amethyst (6mm facet round, 3mm facet round, 7mm teardrop)
Mixed Spinel (4mm facet rondelle, 5mm facet round)
Rhodolite (3mm facet rondelle, 5mm onion briolette)
Blue Topaz (2mm facet round)
Dark Pink-Green Tourmaline (8-9mm oval)

Metal Components:
14K Gold-Filled Chains and several components 
22K Gold-Plated on Pewter several components

+ Your Measurements Required.
+ Average preference is Comfort Fit (1.2-1.5cm add to wrist size).
+ Kindly note that no two crystals are the same. 
+ No exchanges or refunds after purchase.
+ Please click on the Sizing Guide below for fit variations.