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Bracelet Type: Magnet Clasp


Lime Green Tourmaline (7-8mm)
Apatite (5mm facet round, 7-8mm briolette)
Grandidierite (5mm round)
Green Tourmaline (2mm facet rondelle, 3mm round & cube, 6-7mm oval)
Mauve Pink Spinel (5mm facet round)
Yellow Tourmaline (2mm facet rondelle)
Gold Rutilated Quartz (3-4mm teardrop)
Citrine (4-5mm teardrop, 4mm facet round)
Mixed Morganite (4mm facet round)
Jade (4mm round)

Metal Components:
14K Gold-Filled Chains and several components 
22K Gold-Plated on Pewter several components

+ Your Measurements Required.
+ Average preference is Comfort Fit (1.2-1.5cm add to wrist size).
+ Kindly note that no two crystals are the same. 
+ No exchanges or refunds after purchase.
+ Please click on the Sizing Guide below for fit variations.