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Dumortierite Quartz (6mm), Lapis Lazuli (6mm facet cut) with Sapphire (3-4mm, facet) 

Elastic Bracelet, Your Measurements Required

Please note that no two crystal beads are the same. Beads used are completely untreated, 100% natural

/metaphysical properties/ 

Dumortierite Quartz is widely known as a stone of inspiration and cognition; it potentially aids in mastery of skills, raising of creativity levels, and development of discipline and awareness

Sapphires are widely known as the stone of wisdom and hope in ancient times, potentially helps with focus, discipline and confidence, possibly acts as an aura protector

Lapis Lazuli potentially helps with creativity and intellectual ability; helps in enhancing memory; activates the crown chakra; soothes temperaments and helps you to focus whenever you feel inattentive/sluggish