Last Warning

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Black Spinel (faceted, 5mm), Green Apatite (5-6mm), and Peridot (faceted rondelle, 3-4mm). 

Made with 14K gold-filled endings and chain with lobster clasp, gunmental-black chain embellish, and 18-22K gold-plated pewter embellishments. 

One size only. Suitable for wrist sizes 13cm to 19cm.

Please note that no two crystal beads are the same.

/metaphysical properties/ 

Black Spinel is known as a potent psychic vacuum cleaner of negativity and deeply rooted unresolved issues; aids in the manifestation of latent abilities; emotional balancer; helps relieve stress and frustration

Peridot is known to remove mental and emotional blockages; apparently great for use during Reiki as it’s an energetic amplifier; a stone of luck and protection against naysayers

Green Apatite is potentially quite a wholesome/all-rounded healer; promotes creativity; enhances enthusiasm and dispels restlessness; apparently helps with hand-eye coordination to improve stability and alleviate clumsiness