Heng Ah

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Citrine (Grade A / 6mm) and Smoky Quartz (Grade A / 6mm)
with light yellow Tourmaline pixiu and gold-plated pewter Crescent charm

/metaphysical properties/ 
Citrine promotes motivation and creativity; improves concentration and visualisation of ideas; shields against jealousy and projection; attracts wealth
*Some crystal practitioners believe that Citrine may not be entirely suitable for quick-tempered/gossip-mongering individuals*

Smoky Quartz is known to supposedly help release negativity within yourself such as jealousy, fear and anger; promotes calmness; significantly grounding properties; auric protector; known to amplify truth and reasoning


Henmeide pixiu bracelet designs are 100% original and conceptualised since Oct 2019. Each pixiu emblem is picked carefully and then drilled for jewelry use. As each design is exclusively one piece only and made to order, kindly refrain from asking for restocks/remakes/preorders for any of Henmeide’s pixiu bracelet designs. Thank you!