Estuary Pixiu

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Charoite (Grade A / 6mm) and Labradorite (Grade AAA / 6mm)
with light green Tourmaline pixiu

/metaphysical properties/ 
Charoite serves as a reminder to be present, be accepting and let go of the unnecessary; purifies aura and drives vigor; sharpens wit and analysis

Labradorite is a stone of intention clarification + inner wisdom; intuition sharpener; boosts curiosity; use it as an anchor during meditation


Henmeide pixiu bracelet designs are 100% original and conceptualised since Oct 2019. Each pixiu emblem is picked carefully and then drilled for jewelry use. As each design is exclusively one piece only and made to order, kindly refrain from asking for restocks/remakes/preorders for any of Henmeide’s pixiu bracelet designs. Thank you!