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Iolite & Labradorite (7.5mm) with Sapphire (6mm), Kyanite (6mm & 4mm accents), Lapis Lazuli (5mm) with White Topaz (4mm danglies)

Made with 14K Gold-filled Crescent charm, and 18K gold-plated steel figure-8 chain.


/metaphysical properties/ 
Sapphires are widely known as the stone of wisdom and hope in ancient times, potentially helps with focus, discipline and confidence, possibly acts as an aura protector

Iolite is also known as "water sapphire"; aids focus and imagination; bringing a broader perspective to life; stimulates responsibility, practicality, orderliness and creativity; powerful crystal for self-reflection and release of suppression

Kyanite is the master of chakra alignment; does not retain negative energy; one of the crystals that do not need cleansing + do not require you to direct your thoughts as it works.

Labradorite is potentially a stone of intention clarification and inner wisdom; intuition sharpener; boosts curiosity; use it as an anchor during meditation

Lapis Lazuli potentially helps with creativity and intellectual ability; helps in enhancing memory; activates the crown chakra; soothes temperaments and helps you to focus whenever you feel inattentive/sluggish

White Topaz is known to enhance mental abilities such as discernment, creativity, judgement and cognition