Elevator Music

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Iolite (6mm), Kyanite (4mm) and Tanzanite (rondelle, 2-4mm)

Lobster Clasp bracelet, one size— fits 13.5-18cm wrist sizes
(Please leave a note if you require a longer extension fit).

/metaphysical properties/ 
Iolite is also known as "water sapphire"; aids focus and imagination; bringing a broader perspective to life; stimulates responsibility, practicality, orderliness and creativity; powerful crystal for self-reflection and release of suppression

Kyanite is the master of chakra alignment; does not retain negative energy; one of the crystals that do not need cleansing + do not require you to direct your thoughts as it works.

Tanzanite is known to boost courage in communication by speaking from a place of empathy and compassion. It also potentially aids with the enlightenment of truth.