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Prehnite (6mm), Green Apatite (6mm), Peridot (5mm round & facet rondelle), Andalusite (the brown tear drop) with 14K gold-filled chain.

Elastic Bracelet, Your Measurements Required

Please note that no two crystal beads are the same. Beads used are completely untreated, 100% natural

/metaphysical properties/ 

Prehnite is widely known to promote self actualisation, calmness, memory and inner peace

Green Apatite is potentially quite a wholesome/all-rounded healer; promotes creativity; enhances enthusiasm and dispels restlessness; apparently helps with hand-eye coordination to improve stability and alleviate clumsiness

Peridot is known to remove mental and emotional blockages; apparently great for use during Reiki as it’s an energetic amplifier; a stone of luck and protection against naysayers

Andalusite is widely known as the Seeing Stone; and the stone of self-actualisation and problem solving. It’s meant to help you feel refreshed, and recharged with positivity. One of the stones that potentially opens your eyes to the hard truths (of situations and people alike).