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Sunstone & Labradorite (6mm), Red Rutilated Quartz (4mm) with Botswana Agate (7mm emblem)

/metaphysical properties/

Sunstone potentially helps with fortune and prosperity, clears all chakras, also known to help with courage, integrity and personal defense; widely known as the stone that gives you that burst of energy, clarity and intuition enhancement

Labradorite is known as a stone of intention clarification and intuition sharpener; boosts curiosity; many use it as an anchor during meditation

Red Rutilated Quartz potentially boosts energy and dispels lethargy, strong energizer and cleanser of aura, enhances clairsentience, protection against psychic attacks

Botswana Agate is widely known as a stone to help relieve loneliness, grief and loss; helps to come up with solutions; supposedly known as an anti-depressant; encourages love and emotional well-being