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Sodalite (6-7mm facet rectangle), Brown Garnet (4mm), Green Apatite (4mm) and Iolite (4mm facet rondelle), arranged in a 14K gold-filled chain with spring clasp

Spring Clasp bracelet with 5cm extension chain. Please indicate in check-out notes if you require shortening or additional extension.

Please note that no two crystal beads are the same. Beads used are completely untreated, 100% natural

/metaphysical properties/ 

Sodalite is potentially known as a stone of logic + creativity; helps to open your mind to boundless possibilities; promotes inner balance in terms of managing turbulent emotions + gaining clarity; protects your inspirational sources

Brown Garnet potentially enhances higher level thinking, strength and stability. It potentially encourages connection building and true intimacy

Green Apatite is potentially quite a wholesome/all-rounded healer; promotes creativity; enhances enthusiasm and dispels restlessness; apparently helps with hand-eye coordination to improve stability and alleviate clumsiness

Iolite is widely known as "water sapphire"; aids focus and imagination