Another Magician

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Iolite (8mm), Black Spinel (faceted round, 8mm), Arfvedsonite (8mm) with 22K gold-plated pewter embellishments

Elastic bracelet, your measurements required.
Kindly note that no two crystals are the same.

/metaphysical properties/ 

Iolite is also known as "water sapphire"; aids focus and imagination; bringing a broader perspective to life; stimulates responsibility, practicality, orderliness and creativity; powerful crystal for self-reflection and release of suppression

Black Spinel is known to be a psychic vacuum cleaner of negativity and deeply rooted unresolved issues; aids in the manifestation of latent abilities; emotional balancer; helps relieve stress and frustration

Please note that Black Spinel is highly regarded as one of the most powerful crystals with high vibrational energies. It is said that you may experience slight energetic shifts/upheavals should you have deep-seated trauma/unresolved conflicts and/or a weakened energetic field/aura. For many crystal practitioners, it has been helpful for them to develop a strong relationship with the Black Spinel before accepting and reaping its full benefits.

Arfvedsonite is known to be a stone of manifestation, it’s known to help with clarity, discipline and passion, a dispeller of doubt and bringer of things to come into fruition