*~ T I D A L collection 🐚 ~*•
12 designs, all Made To Order
Launching 1 April 2020, Wednesday, 8pm
Only at henmeide.co
No customisations, reservations, pre-order
(From top to bottom):
Ethiopian Opal (2-3mm)
Burma Jade (4mm)
Lepidolite (4mm)
Freshwater Pearls (5mm)
Larimar (5mm)
Ruby (faceted, 6mm)
Peach Moonstone with Kyanite (6mm)
Larimar (faceted, 6mm)
Blue Lace Agate with Freshwater Pearls (6mm)
Burma Jade (6mm)
Charoite with Labradorite (6mm)
Burma Jade (8mm)
•*~ 老板娘 supposed to be in Seoul now 😭 Hope everyone is staying safe and washing their hands! 🤫 Presenting the Tidal collection, inspired by oceans and my rollercoaster of emotions after inundating myself with all the k-dramas available on Netflix. I suddenly had a strong inclination for pearls this round too 🦪 Please note that the Pearl and Ethiopian Opal bracelets will not be elastic because the lobang too small to put in elastic string (and even if can, it’ll snap damn easily) 👌🏻 I’ll also be releasing exclusive earrings in this collection featuring pearls too I promise you won’t look auntie/guniang (sometimes very 难 to 伺候 hor?) 🏆