Red Aura

This is a very personally-charged collection. My story of having a red aura came about months ago when a friend and I decided to get our auras photographed. As it turns out, I have a full blown red aura (not surprising) with a warm orange glow right in the center. I was, and am, undoubtedly unapologetic of having such a strong aura, and in somewhat of an awe/fear that this is an emblem of my life.

The red aura signifies passion, strength, stress, confidence, anger, creativity, noise, sensuality, power, reactivity and chaos.

Some people believe that it carries one of the most powerful auric energies, and it can be either a positive or a negative aura. In this collection you’ll find crystals that I’ve never released on henmeide before — they mean quite a lot to me because some of the crystals are what I’ve been wearing personally for a while.