Jingle Slay

henmeide's 2019 Christmas collection

Jingle Slay, 12 designs, all made to order.
Launching 16/11, Saturday, 12pm


This collection very simple. It’s a highly curated (as always) Christmas/holiday/Hanukkah collection, featuring some S I G N A T U R E Henmeide design placements. This collection is intended for you to wear even way after the holiday season has passed (which explains why no snowflake, candy cane etc). It’s for your loved ones, for your frolleagues (colleagues who are also friends) because soap bars and gift sets just won’t cut it anymore, for your 89 year old grandmother, for that girl you’ve been trying to chase but she reject you 90% of the time because you’re not. sincere. enough. It’s a collection fueled by the voicelessness of creators screaming to the anthem of originality. It’s for you. 


Please make sure you provide your wrist size and desired bracelet measurement.

All items sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Kindly note that henmeide will not entertain any cancellation of orders of any kind.