Product Care & Repair Services

Product Care

While henmeide may provide quality products, you have a part to play in ensuring the longevity of your pieces as well! henmeide's jewelry pieces are not as fragile as you think. It's either made with durable gossamer floss thread, or 14K gold-plated/filled embellishments/components. These aspects allow your jewelry piece to enjoy a long life with proper care.

Here are some tips that you can use to prolong the lifespan of each piece:

  • Refrain from letting your jewelry piece from coming into long exposure with water. If so, absorb the moisture with a paper towel and air dry.
  • For crystal bead bracelets (elastic), roll your bracelet onto/out of your wrist. Try not to tug or pull your bracelet when wearing or removing.
  • Do not spray your perfume/mists directly onto your jewelry pieces.

Here are a few ways you can clean your jewelry pieces:

  • Using a dry paper towel or a lint-free cloth, gently clean the surface.
  • To get into the nooks and crannies, you may use a bobby pin wrapped with the towel/cloth and lightly pick up any debris. Do not rush through this step. Be careful with the elastic thread/wire used.

    To cleanse (metaphysically):

    • All crystal jewelry pieces can be cleansed with Sage and Palo Santo.
    • All crystal jewelry pieces can be cleansed and charged with the crystal Selenite.
    • As different crystals have different reactions to sunlight, please check with your trusted crystal practitioner if your crystal is suitable for sunlight-charging.

    Repair Services (Singapore Only)

    We are committed to ensure that your jewelry piece is something you'd love, cherish and wear often. Please see our Repair Services available (prices in SGD):


    Product Resizing Repair Service Fee Shipping Fee
    Elastic Bracelet Yes Yes

    FOC if item is sent back within 7 days upon receiving.
    A flat fee of $9* is required otherwise.

    A flat fee of $3.20
    (FOC if sizing error is made by henmeide)

    Hardware Bracelet Yes Yes $10* $3.20
    Necklace No Yes $8 $3.20
    Earrings No Yes $8 $3.20


    *Because we love you, henmeide will help to replace any tarnished embellishments from your bracelet(s) after a long wear, subject to stock availability.

    To engage our Repair Services, please DM @henmeide on Instagram (faster replies) or email with the following information, and we will endeavour to get to you within 1-2 working days:

    • Your Name:
    • Your Order Number:
    • Type of Service: Resize or Repair
    • The Jewelry Piece: