How We Work

As henmeide is currently a small operation (a.k.a. a team of one, with the moral support of many) that makes all products to order according to your measurements, our operations will mainly focus on fulfilling products in manageable quantities whenever possible.

A Collection Launch is our main mode of product release. A typical collection launch will see limited quantities. Announcements and previews are usually published a week on our Instagram (@henmeide) before the launch. A Collection Launch's fulfilment will require 3-4 weeks.

Backorders may occur for certain designs right after a Collection Launch. Typical backorders will see a larger quantity. Backorder fulfilment will require a minimum of 6 weeks.

Restocks are in-stock made-to-order products that are in current inventory. It may occur for certain designs whenever possible. Restocks may be limited. Fulfilment will require 2-3 weeks.

Premades are in-stock ready-made products that are in current inventory, non-customisable.